Abaquar Hostel
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Plane - Salvador - Boipeba
Daily smal planes leave from Salvador airport to Boipeba. The trip take about half an hour. Now, Passeredo offers flights from Salvador to Valença.

Bus - Salvador - Valença
From Salvador cross the All Saints Bay by ferry to Bom Despacho, on Itaparica Island (time: one hour/ price: about 5,00 reais each person). There, buses leave for Valença. The trip would take about 2 hours. An alternative is the trip to Valença by taxi, what takes one hour. At the pier in Valença you take one of the boats to Boipeba.

Boats - Valença - Boipeba
Daily, between 10:00 AM and 16:00 PM, fast boats leave from the pier in Valença to Boipeba. The trip take about one hour. From Monday to Saturday at 12:30 PM, boats leave from the pier in Valença to Boipeba. The trip will take about 4 hours, going through the mangroves, passing in front of the city of Cairu. From Monday to Saturday at 11 AM (and 2 PM in summer), a bus leaves from the pier in Valença for Torrinha, making a connection to a boat which leaves from Torrinha for Boipeba. This is about a 2 hour trip.

Traveling by car
you have two options to stop: Valença and Torrinha.
Valença offers more options of parking areas, banks and shops. At the pier you take one of the boats to Boipeba.
Leaving from Bom Despacho, you will pass the town of Nazaré, Valença, Taperoá, and Nilo Peçanha. Just after Nilo Peçanha there is a left turn off to Cairu, and after 12 km on that road, there is another right turn off to a 7-km dirt road to Torrinha. You can park your car in enclosed, covered, safe parking areas. From Torrinha, speedboats take you to Boipeba. It is about a 25-minute trip downriver through the mangroves.

Catamaran to Morro de São Paulo and boat to Boipeba
Boipeba can be reached daily, weather permitting, from Salvador by catamaran to Morro and from Morro to Boipeba by boat. The catamaran is leaving from Salvador at 9:00 AM and arriving at Morro approximately 11:30 PM. The boat is arriving at Boipeba about 13:00 PM.

From Boipeba pier to the hostel:
When you arrive on the island it's very easy to find us. Walk to the main square Santo Antonio and ask for Ponte do Areal, we are located just after this bridge on the left side.